1. Overview [edit]
It is the largest game show in Japan held by Japan's "Computer Entertainment Software Association (CESA)". It is one of the three biggest game shows in the world and it is held together with E3. It will be held for the first time in 1996 and will reach 25 in 2015. The reason why the year and the number of times are not appropriate is because it was held twice a year in the past divided into spring and autumn. However, the number of video game companies in Japan declined, and the number of visitors and participating companies began to shrink.

The event was held in Tokyo Big Sight in 1996 and the second spring event in Tokyo in 1997. Since it was the unit with more than 100,000 viewers, it was moved to Mihamagu Makuhari Messe, Chiba prefecture, Chiba prefecture from the third time. It is still open in the same place. I moved the place to Chiba, but because of the symbolism of the word "Tokyo" (it is also attached to the end of Tokyo), the title is Tokyo. Chiba has a lot of cases like this, and Tokyo Disneyland, one of the biggest theme parks in Tokyo, is located in Chiba. The motor show held at the same Makuhari Messe is also a Tokyo motor show.

The three major game shows are held annually in mid-September, outside of the vacation season, due to the annoying selection of dates. Every Thursday and Friday of the week is a 'business day' for game officials or reporters only. Sunday is the 'Public Day' for public viewing. [1]

In the meantime, TGS traditionally does not participate in Nintendo because it is not a member of CESA (it is in an ambiguous position as a special supporting member). For reasons not to participate, Nintendo has said that it is difficult to view other people because it is only in Tokyo, because the admission fee is charged. However, this is an excuse, and in reality, It is an affiliate organization that was founded to check Nintendo's dominance of the industry during the game. The event, called TGS, is also an event that began to be held in the slightest sense of criticism by shrinking the monopoly of Nintendo. In fact, Nintendo has participated in many other events, including the first NIKONIKO event (because Nintendo is one of the sponsoring companies) held at the same Makuhari Messe, despite the fact that Nintendo is not listed above. Microsoft also continued to participate until 2014, and from 2015, the Xbox did not participate due to sluggish won. In 2017, I exhibited X-Box One X but did not release X-Booth. Thanks to the console booth at the Tokyo Game Show, Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia seems to be the cornerstone of Asia, just like Korea's Gstar. [2]
In 2018, Nintendo will also participate. However, the company participates only in business days for business and industry people and does not participate in Public Day for the general public.

There are some exceptions. In 2001, we invited "Game Boy Music" to the show. In 2005, we released the Wii Remote for the first time at the operator forum. Separately, the game on the Nintendo platform developed by third parties is on display. Thanks to the TGS in 2012, there was a Wii U at Koei Tecmo booth, and it was crowded to experience it. Nintendo's overwhelming number of software titles in Japan are ranked first and second, because Japanese game titles, which are awarded every year, are also targeted for games other than CESA members.

At the 2010 event, the Love Plus Affection Expression Contest was held, and the player version of the Monster Hunter Portable Sud was released. And the Aimas 2 and the Megan Universe died.

Capcom's general manager of development, Inoue Kage, made a statement saying that he disassembled the current Japanese game system at Tokyo Game Show 2010. # 2 [3] However, Capcom praised him, but he left Capcom for a while.
2. Traffic Information [edit]
The length of the road is far and far. As mentioned above, accessibility in Tokyo is very poor.

Get off at Makuhari-Hongo Station on the Keisei Chiba Line, and then take a bus to Makuhari Messe for about 10 minutes.
Or go to JR and get off at Kaihin Makuhari station. [4]
There are so many people. Especially from Tokyo in the morning, the line connecting to Tokyo Station and Kaihin Makuhari Station is getting dizzy because of the crowded crowd. But there is also a surprising advantage: you can go to a place where people are incredibly crowded, so you do not have to worry about getting lost.

If you want to go from Tokyo to Makuhari Messe, it would be better to settle for at least 1,000 yen ~ 1,500 yen by roundtrip.
3. Buy tickets [edit]
Buy advance tickets
Advance tickets can be purchased from convenience stores and ticket sales sites until the day before the Tokyo Game Show (23:59 on Friday). The price is 1000 yen. [5]
Purchase at the venue
It is the most stupid thing. You have to buy a line to buy a ticket, but the day you buy it is more expensive than booking at 1200 yen.
It is good to buy advance tickets both financially and mentally.

It is a little expensive at 3000 yen, but it gives various gifts such as T-shirt privilege of Tokyo game show.
But the most important thing about this ticket is that you can enter it first.
Reservation is available only at Lawson (convenience store).
Until then, overseas fans could not purchase tickets, so they used the purchase package or the travel package included in the package. But recently, we are issuing E tickets for overseas fans, so please do not buy expensive ones and buy E tickets on the English page of the Tokyo Game Show homepage. Supporters club tickets are also available (rather easier).
4. Venue situation [edit]
Westerners are very prominent because they are not the three biggest game shows in the world. [6]

And for some of the more popular games, you'll have to wait at least a few minutes to a few hours to enjoy the trial. [7]
In addition, there are not necessarily games, but newcomers come to the public to come and perform, and when the Gundam game is released, it feels like a comprehensive exhibition featuring a huge Gundam model or simply advertising drinks with models. And for the virtues, the goods are sold all over the place. However, because there is a sacred place of virtue in Tokyo already for a long time ...

In addition, there are a lot of costume players. Many Asian and Western people do not even care about games. Even if you can not play a game, it just makes you feel happy just to go around. On the assumption that you have good physical fitness.

The Tokyo Game Show is open from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, but it is very crowded by 2:00 pm. Once you enter, you can see for about an hour that there is no gap for a person. It is inconvenient to walk around. Then, by about 12 o'clock, if you are not an enthusiastic audience, there are people who feel displeased with too many crowds. If you walk around diligently from the first floor to the end, it is time to look around once, so I do not think there is anything special. many. So at around 2 o'clock, I can afford to go around the entire venue, if not only for the game experience booth. After that, we are out of power at 5 o'clock.

But let's not get back early even if we have a simple lunch box. Admission and transportation costs are expensive, but small events occur every hour. It is not that you invite all events and celebrities unconditionally and do not thrive in the morning. It's easy to check your belongings at the time of entry, but if you want to stay longer, do not forget to take a simple lunch box. [8]

Unlike Korea 's Jisuta, there is a' right of rearrangement ', which is essential for experiencing popular games or participating in celebrity events. After entering the Hall, they can be distributed around the entrance. I do not have the right to organize, but I do not know how many hours I stand in line, I find that there is no ticket at the entrance, so I can not go back to the event staff, so I often get caught ... Caution ... information related to the event is posted on the official website of Tokyo Game Show Let's check it before.

People with knee joint problems, especially those who are obese, should give up the game experience. In front of the game experience booth, you have to wait in a long line, but you can not sit in this line. I would like to sit down and wait for 10 minutes if I start the game once. [9] The agent of the event asks me to sit down and not sit down. If you can not stand for a long time, giving up the game experience can be beneficial to your physical and mental health.

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