Guest: Ma Su, Dou Yu Location: West Lake, Hangzhou Theme: White Snake
Game 1: White Snake Fingerboard Morning Run (relay, advanced 90 seconds) First place: cross people, stairs, skipping rope
Second place: drill ring, hurdle Third place: back fat, jump horizontal bar, food
Game 2: Guess the waiter's order of serving, guessing that the companion is punished by falling water
Game 3: Playing table tennis in the water with strange props
Tearing brand name: Bell Man Jin Zhongguo
Running men's first season second period 20141017
Guest: Zhang Lanxin, Tang Yizhen, Tang Wanru, Gu Li Naza Location: Wuzhen, Zhejiang Theme: Finding a Former Couple of Games Game 1: Guests find a place with R cards to throw a sieve with the tourists, the winner gets a chance to get the holy water props
Game 2: Find your companion from the tank placed in the farmland, then go back, and finally eat the French fries less than 1cm, knock on the game. Game 3: The guests on the side of the pool enter the water and hand the love in the water to the companions on the other side.
Running men's first season third period 20141024
Guest: Wang Likun, Ou Di, Lin Update Location: Seoul, South Korea Theme: Han Wei
Game 1: Find a sequence of food in the table and eat them all
Game 2: Singing and scoring while doing sports
Running men's first season fourth period 20141031
Guest: Wang Likun, Ou Di, Lin Update Location: Seoul, South Korea Theme: Han Wei
Game 1: Take a national flag to find tourists in this country, kick the scorpion ten times in turn, a total of three chances. Game 2: Find a passport
Game 3: People's paper boat
Running men's first season fifth period 20141107
Guest: Wang Likun, Ou Di, Lin Update Location: Seoul, South Korea Theme: Han Wei
Game 1: 7 minutes crossing the river
Running with Korean torn men's brand name
Running men's first season sixth period 20141114
Guest: Hu Haiquan, Yiyi Location: Xiushan Island, Zhoushan, Zhejiang Theme: Escape from Xiushan Island
Game 1: Find a valid water gun in the village and spray it on the other party's nameplate. The other party will be eliminated.
Game 2: Grab the duck in the mud
Game 3: Find clues through the cave
Running men's first season seventh period 20141121
Guest: Hu Haiquan, Yiyi Location: Shanghai Theme: Love through the century
Game 1: Deng Chao: Randomly find ten passers-by with their wrenches win
Yiyi: Eat watermelon at the appointed time
Zheng Zheng: Playing wax like half an hour
Game 2: Collectively grab the table and take a photo of the camera
Running men's first season eighth period 20141128
Guest: Yu Zhen, Guan Yu, Guo Yanzhen, Guo Yanjun Location: Dunhuang, Gansu Topic: Dunhuang Big Robbery
Game 1: Fingerboard relay jump rope
Game 2: Find someone who docks your own secret number in the city and get the message.
Game 3: Answer the question on the box to get the password for the box lock
Running men's first season ninth 20151205
Guest: Xiong Yulin, Shen Ling, Xie Yilin Location: Dunhuang, Gansu Topic: The Desert Princess fights

Game 1: Desert Field Run Race
Game 2: Playing the hamster, guarding the corn
Game 3: Human Spring Beds Transport Sand
Tear brand: men's blindfolded ladies tear brand, threesome, tear off to eliminate a member
Running men's first season tenth 20151212
Guest: Yuan Hong, Zhang Yiyi, Guo Jingfei Location: Wuhan, Hubei Topic: The Battle of Chu and Han
Game 1: Relay: Pinch the nose and turn 5 times to throw your slippers into the basket. The balance board transports the table tennis ball, blows the balloon, hangs the food hanging on the hat, and the people collectively cross the horizontal bar.
Game 2: Jump up the score of the song, teammates guess
Game 3:Running men's first season, the eleventh period 20151219
Guest: Lin Junjie, Wu Yingjie Location: Wuhan, Hubei Topic: Three Schools
Game 1: Find someone to talk about the password at the specified time, find a long hair and waist girl to make a word horse, face to eat biscuits, take a group photo, everyone reaches out and rubs their teeth (everyone jumps off the ground)
Game 2: 100 people run collectively, see which team spends less time
Running men's first season, the twelfth period 20151226
Guest: Chen Jianzhou, Sun Yang, Zhao Liying Location: Hangzhou, Zhejiang Theme: New Year Games
Game 1: High Jump Team
Game 2: Swimming Relay
Game 3: Mutual push relay on the floating board in the water
Running men's first season, thirteenth, 20150102
Guest: None Location: Hangzhou, Zhejiang Theme: Looking for mysterious people
Game 1: The first step in the relay fingerboard, propped up to win
Game 2: Room escape to get the key unlocked
Tearing brand name: Deng Chao betrayal, jetting opponents' famous brands with water guns, opponents looking for Deng Chao puzzle
Running man, first season, fourteenth, 20150209
Guest: Yu Quan combination, white lily Location: Chongqing Theme: Secret Partner
Game 1: leg relay ratio length
Game 2: One party said something, the other said that of course, hesitant or miscalculated
Game 3: There is a pot lid and a glass of water on the table, both sides guess the fist, the loser takes the pot cover, the winner takes the water and splashes the opponent. Game 4: Grab the high platform
Running male first season fifteenth 20150108

Guest: None Location: Chongqing Theme: Superpower Peak Battle Game 1: Water horizontal bar pk opponent
Tear brand: each person has a super ability skill, can be used randomly
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