When I came home from school in my school days, I had to do something. Before I change my uniform, I turn on the computer, meet with friends in online messenger, and start the game. At that time, there were various online games, especially the racing games. I was longing for what I could not do (driving). There were times when all of my friends as well as me fell into a racing game.

And now it's easy to enjoy racing games anytime, anywhere. I can enjoy the game that I saw on the game machine by mobile, and now I can enjoy the game that was on the mobile by PC.

Console, PC game to mobile

If you really like racing games, there are many people who think that racing games can not be enjoyed with basic bundle controllers or keyboards. So, even if you search for racing games, accessories for racing games such as racing wheels, racing pedals and gears will appear as related search words. That racing game is a game genre that has a lot of mania layers, so you can easily enjoy games that you have enjoyed with such a variety of equipment.

Need for Speed   is an arcade racing game developed by Ghost Games and distributed by EZ. The first Need for Speed   series was released in 1994, and since then many series have been released. Playstation 4, XBOX, as well as PC games that can be encountered in a typical simulation racing game. Especially in Need for Speed: Underground, released in 2003, Hyundai Tuscany 2.7 ELISA was introduced for the first time in the racing game.

The mobile version of Need for Speed   has recently been released under the name Need for Speed: No Limits. It can be customized for a variety of vehicles, and it is attractive because you can drive the supercars that you normally do not see. Need for Speed   is based on a movie, so why not watch a movie or enjoy a mobile game? In reality, the appearance of a police car in the game doubles the reality.

It was a mobile game (asphalt 5) that became famous, but it was actually the 'asphalt series' of the racing game world that was first introduced in the Nintendo DS. The asphalt series, which represents the game loft and the mobile racing game, is a great weapon and advantage. In particular, recently released asphalt 9: Legend has a high degree of difficulty as a whole, and it supports auto-operation as well as preparing for the fourth industrial revolution.

If you are a low-end smartphone user, the asphalt series game is not going to work well, you need a very high-tech smartphone. It boasts amazing graphics and speed, and is well received by many users. Especially, driving control that frees the vehicle steering becomes possible, and although it is a racing game to play with a touch, it saved the feeling of only the racing game.

In 1990, when I was thinking of playing console games, the first thing I remember when I was playing games and games is Sonic and Sega. Cool graphics and speed were enough to appeal to young boys and girls. Sonic & Sega All-Star Racing, which was born in 2010 with Sonic's IP, started supporting Nintendo Wii as well as Nintendo DS, XBOX and Steam platforms.

Sonic & Sega All-Star Racing, which we met on the mobile, made a name for itself on top of the popular charts at the time of release, and we also realized Sonic's brand power. Of course, the graphical sense of reality is much lower than other racing games, but it has the charm of Sonic, and the old emotions come into play all the time. It is attractive because it has arcade more than regular racing game because it can install separate trap and missile attack during race, and it can meet all popular characters of SEGA in addition to Sonic.

Mobile games console, PC

On the contrary, there is a mobile game that can enjoy a pretty good sense of operation and speed even with a smartphone, and even catch up with console games and PC games.

And there are cases where this mobile game attracts a lot of users and eventually extends the service to another platform rather than a smartphone.

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