It is one of the three major game shows in the world, but as you can see from the top items, it is hard to see that the world is the only one to be credible in the first place. It is used idiomatically, but it is not decided.
The annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3)
Germany's Gamescom, which takes place every August,
Every year in September, Japan's Tokyo Game Show (Tokyo Game Show)

Among them, the Tokyo Game Show will be held in 2006 as the last "Tokyo International Animation Fair", "Tokyo International Film Festival" and "JAPAN International Contents Festival". Once upon a time, Europe's top game shows were ECTS (European Computer Trade Show), which had a long history, but the Games Convention, which was held at Leipzig since its closing in 2004, will take over. In 2009, the site moved to Cologne and changed its name to GameScomm.

At one point, there was a story that the local neighborhood feast G STAR would be added to these three game shows. However, since 2008, which has been evaluated as the worst since the second time, it does not appear. China Joy, a Chinese game show with a population of 1.3 billion people, is now attracting more attention, and there are speculations that it will go to China Zoy by four in the world.

Germany's GameScom has been in jeopardy since 2017, when it was pushed out of the audience by Paris Game Week (PGW) in France.

The world's three biggest game shows