Compared with other creative subculture industries in Korea, such as painting and 3D, online games are in a unique position. First of all, the impact on the global market is so high that it is incomparable with comics and animation, and the amount of foreign currency earned by exports is also high. Even foreign hardcore users may create an account on the Korean server to experience the contents of the newly updated game on the Korean server [1] It is rarely found in other Korean cultural products.

In addition, with the development of online games, the Korean painting industry infrastructure has also developed remarkably. Many of the famous picture communities turned around in the game, as well as the books about color illustrations (CG) being written in Korea and getting popularity became something unimaginable before the development of online games. In the past, only books written in the US or Japan were treated as references, and now, the trusted domestic illustrator is closely related to the game. Kim Hyung-tae and Jung Jun-ho who side with the famous illustrators abroad are also these figures.

It is quite unusual compared to the growth of games, cartoons and animations in the United States or Japan, but Korean manga and animations have been strongly influenced by the government's various regulations, the harmful effects of illegal copying, The overall market itself has been devastated or greatly distorted. In addition, in the case of anime, the production cost of the TV version is much higher than expected, but since the production support system was insufficient until the 1990s, the production started late in 1987, Although it was not activated and the animation of theater was made relatively early, it was difficult to obtain stable profit, whereas the online game was not so big as to regulate the foundation after the development of the IT industry. Currently, this is a situation where the market seems to be feeling a sense of urgency when it is seen that the market is on the decline based on regulation oversight and good perception.

Regulations such as the online game shutdown system can lead to adverse effects such as concurrent users holding and lifting the life line of important small and medium online games. It is a matter of whether this system will be added to history as an axis of authoritarianism / ill-treatment .[2] Do not take a look at the departments of the Ministry of Gender Equality and the government.

In recognition of the importance of online games in Korea, it has emerged as a memorial stamp in 2006. [3] As of 2018, it can not be sold out at the post office and must be bought from stamp collectors.

In the early days of online games, it was borne by downloading game programs (client) in case of Internet-based payment system, but there were a lot of places that send game program CD to free at home when requesting from each game homepage. I also paid for the CD with the ticket.

There is an online slang word 'OOOO Online' that started to become popular in 2012, but the truth workshop about suspicions surrounding certain certified persons (eg MC Mong, Tablo) This is caused by the fact that gamers rush in the MMORPG to remind them of raiding against bosses. Anyway, the fact that these slang came into existence is a fragment of the influence of the online game described in the top paragraph on Korean society.

The problem is that most game developers in Korea have a common pattern of 'overbalancing the over-balance system during the over-balance-of-the-game system'. .. The only thing that can not be avoided is that in the early days of PC games, illegal copying of the console caused the console market to die, and the game companies that are trying to make profits from the partially paid system increased exponentially, and the game style that many Koreans enjoy is Mangeb It is accomplished in a short period of time and enjoying the final contents that can be done after the epoch. In addition, because of the nature of the Republic of Korea, which has a strong competitive nature and a fast-paced society, it affects everything from games to games. Based on this nationality, Korean users have made a lot of effort and become the world's best e-sports powerhouse. However, the content is getting exhausted and the whole quality of the game is lowered, Time to develop new content with cachetimes.

In addition, as opposed to a heavy user who invests in raising everything to raise it, the light user who has a lot of time and money restrictions is subject to limitations of equipment and specs and can not take part in the party. To reduce it, some games introduced a system called fatigue, but the effect is not so great.

In the worst case, if you adjust the balance in the game, you can only target the raid with a specific equipment or a group with a higher level of occupation. However, if the control is difficult or low in popularity, Controls, equipment, and deal with the cut line, even if you do not mobilize the power of guilds and networking, the party itself is refused to join! The balance is so sensitive to both operators and users that the game market can quickly be overturned. If you have a problem with the billing induction problem and the wrong balance, users will frequently mention the game drip for each game.

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