Revealed information site for this month and strengthened mobile business concentration

The next game will showcase an information site dedicated to mobile games and spur business expansion.

This reflects the company's determination to increase its focus on mobile games. Noteworthy is that it is operated separately from the next Mobage that was promoted during the next communication, which was about four years ago, so it is noteworthy that the relationship between the next Kakao service contractor and DeNA, a Japanese game company, will change.

According to industry sources, the next game of the next cacao subsidiary will open a web-based information service for mobile games only this month. This site plays a central role in the mobile game business.

The next game will provide contents information of mobile games to be served in the future, including three kinds of mobile games to be served from the second half of this year. Existing PC online games, such as 'Black Desert' and 'Winning 펏', which are available only for mobile games, are not handled here.

The next game's mobile game-specific information site is related to the mobile game business, which the company has been promoting from the beginning of this year in terms of business diversification. The next game has been to expand the number of people involved and to search for partners in order to enter the rapidly growing mobile game business.

As a result, on January 1, it announced that it had signed a publishing (game distribution) contract with three Korean mobile game companies, and said, "Mobile game service is going on in earnest."

What is interesting is that it operates separately from the next mobile.

Next, Mobage is the result of Daum Communications, which is the predecessor of Cacao, and DeNA, a famous Japanese game company, in 2011 to challenge the domestic mobile game platform business.

For this reason, it is observed that the cooperation relationship between the next cacao and DeNA, which is the subject of the service contract, has come to an end.

In fact, DeNA is not expected to serve the next mobile game, 'Princess Quest,' a new mobile game scheduled to launch in Korea this month.

In this regard, the two companies explained that no special relationship changes have been made since the service contract schedule is not over.

DeNA officials said, "We are still discussing with Cacao about what to do next in terms of operating the next mobile.

The next cacao answered the same question.

The next game is a 100% owned subsidiary of Cacao. In August of last year before the merger of Cacao, Daum Communications' game division was formed as an independent corporation. The representative of the company is Hong Sung-ju, the next head of the game division.

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