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'Battleground Mobile' early gaming storm, mobile gun fights game over limit

Will Blue Hall be the battleground genre in the mobile platform with Battleground Mobile?

According to the game industry on June 18, Battleground Mobile, released by Blue Hall subsidiary PUBG (PUBG), ranked # 1 on the popular game downloads side by side in the Google Play Store and App Store.

Battleground Mobile has exceeded 1.9 million users on the first day and replaced the first day of Lineage M with a record of its box office. It is the second highest number of users recorded on the first day after 'Pokemon GO'.

First and third-person total fighting games (FPS, TPS) genres were not performing well in the mobile game market. That's why the first day of Battleground Mobile is more prominent.

Those who use total fighting games are very important to 'Aim'. If the game screen is not smoothly connected and you are dumped, it is difficult to show good aiming ability. Because of this, total fighting gamers are sensitive to game optimization (allowing games to run smoothly on low-end devices).

Battleground Mobile is well received in terms of optimization. Gamers with relatively low-end mobile phones can also use the game without difficulty. The battleground computer version, which caused the global box office hit, did not get a good score for optimization.

Most games allow the user to select the quality of the game. In order to enjoy high-quality graphics on high-end devices and to smooth the game on low-end devices at the expense of image quality.

Battleground Mobile not only allows the user to select the image quality, but also allows the user to lower the frame of the game at will. Allowing the user to select the number of frames the game should process per second. The lower the frame, the harder the movement in the game, but the lower the specs, the better the game will be able to play.

The battleground mobile is evaluated to be highly convenient to operate.

Opening and closing doors, acquiring items, and so on, which had to be instructed manually in the computer version, are automatically performed. This is the part where I tried to solve the disadvantages of mobile platform that it is difficult to manipulate sophisticatedly.

Among the three methods of operation, the user has to choose a convenient method, or the aiming correction function (a function that helps the shot to hit even if the aim is not precisely aimed).

Despite its many advantages, it still has some work to do, such as complexity and long playtime.

Recently, there is a tendency to prefer simple mobile games. This is because there are a large number of demanding customers who want to play a short game during off-peak hours such as on the move or during breaks. Angry Bird, and Pokemon GO. Many complex games like Lineage M have a way to simply enjoy using a system such as 'auto hunting'.

But battleground mobile is hard to introduce a system such as automatic hunting when considering the 'battle royal' concept that 'multiple users in isolated areas fight to become the last one'. This is because the most important factor in the game is the tension that comes from the situation where you do not know where each other is and you have to find your opponent first and then hide and hide invisible.

It takes a long time to play once. It takes a long time because 100 users fight in one game. Twenty-eight people may be able to reduce their time by using arcade mode to fight in a narrow venue, but there is a limit.

In the game industry, a well-made game often leads the genre. StarCraft, which has boomed the World of Warcraft (WoW) and Real-Time Strategy Simulation (RTS) genres that led to the revival of massively multiplayer role-playing games (MMORPGs).

PUBG (PUBG) is a subsidiary of Blue Hall dedicated to the battleground series only.
It is an abbreviation of 'Player Unknown Battle Ground', which is the full name of Battle Ground from the name of the company. It is the name that blue hall guesses expectation of this game. [Business Post]

'Battleground Mobile' early gaming storm, mobile gun fights game over limit