Smilegate RPG masterpiece 'Lost Arc' has entered the public service (OBT) from 8th. The first day of service, it has attracted 250,000 concurrent users.

The ranking of the PC room was also 4th place, exceeding FIFA Online 4 by 8.48% based on Gametrics. It is expected that many gamers will take a new adventure into the world of 'Lost Arc' while enjoying tremendous popularity in the early days. So I prepared a small tip for gamers who are starting the game.

'Lost arc' is different from the first part of the game depending on the character at first. The stories of Warriors, Hunters, Fighters, and Mages unfold in different places. As you go through each character's story a bit, you skip the prologue and choose whether to proceed directly to Triion or to continue the prologue.

If you proceed with the prologue, you will be given an avatar item (decorating item) as a reward. Prolog can check the story, but it takes about one hour and it can not grow to more than 10 levels during the prologue.

 There is no big problem if you cross the prologue. If you are a gamer who has made a reservation before the launch of 'Lost Arc', 'Ardetaine Workshop Goggles' will be given as pre-booking reward and the same as the 'Sincere Rabbit Headband' After registering the coupon, you can meet in the 'merchandise box' of your shop.)

Both items have a difference in appearance, but they do not grow much unless they are enlarged by a small decoration. Also, if you enjoy playing games, it is not necessary to be entangled from the beginning as much as you can make avatar items in the second half. If you want to see the story, choose the prologue and skip the gamers who are important to level up quickly, regardless of story.

Gamers who have completed the prologue or skipped gamers are in full-fledged career choices. Career choices should be made when choosing a career. Warriors can be converted to Berserker, Warlord, Destroyer, Battle Master, Infector, and Technician. Hunter can be changed to Devil Hunter, Blaster, Hawkeye Ranger to Summoner, Arcana and Bard.

Gamers are able to experience all three classes derived from the game prior to their previous job. Especially, in the case of previous experience, it is possible to summon a monster, summon a boss, etc., and there is no time limit, so you can fully enjoy the character's charm. If you experience a gamer who has "played this character" before the game, your mind may change.

Especially, since 'Lost Arc' puts forward the nuclear and slashes, if you do not feel the taste of hot action yourself, the fun of the game can not help. It is recommended to experience the character for as long as possible and to choose the character that is most in demand.

In addition to this, if you do not have enough inventory, you can use the decomposition function. It is good to refer to it as various guides are prepared in the game.

Lost Arc, small tip for beginners