Game Tips GTA Online

Lost vs Dandel Attack Mode is a fast-paced Deathmatch style battle that is divided into angels and demons. Baby Angels Become angelic masks or demons in red suits, competing for a higher score in a small area, changing every night and day every 60 seconds. The player's weapon configuration changes each time the night and day change. While one team has all the weapons from shot to RPG, the other team has only one melee weapon. You do not have to worry about having melee weapons at first. After 60 seconds, the plate flips over and gets all the weapons. The team that first launched the offensive can now only kill the opponent with a melee attack. Here are a few tips to help you survive the endless battle between this angel and the devil:

Angels can only earn scores during the day, demons only at night. A demon can not score points during the day, but if he kills, he can reduce the angel's score (of course, angels can do the same at night). Check the kill counters on the lower right side frequently to see how the difference in scores is going. You may think that you need to hide for 60 seconds, but in fact, if you stay too long, a marker will appear on the radar and be seen by your opponent. Conversely, you can use this point. If you stand still and the marker appears, you can immediately move to attract the enemy and surprise the approaching enemy near you.

Please use the surrounding environment. When you have a lot of weapons, you can capture the highlands and capture and remove them before they reach you. When you have to trust the machetes, strategically utilize the maps to move your enemies into narrow, blocked places.
In roast vs dam, there are times when it is better to clump depending on the situation and sometimes it is better to scatter. When you are united, when one person is killed, another person can re-score the score. But if you are a good team, it will be easier to track down your enemies. Talk with your team about how you might want to take control of the enemy.
Check back regularly to prepare for surprise. To look back, press the right stick on the console and C on the PC.

It is not impossible to defeat an enemy with an RPG thanks to the ability of the machete to kill the enemy in one room. Believe in tremendous attack power and fight bravely.
If the time is up but the score is tied, Judgment Day will begin. Players will then be able to use all weapons and all will be displayed on the radar. From now on, the last team standing rule will be applied and the team that has killed all the enemy teams will win.

Game Tips GTA Online