I took the exam on November 5th. I do not see the issue of the issue, I can not save the book, I saw it with my pure head ... I do not know the probability of passing, but 50%. If someone looks at Eagle through search, write a few words to help.

Once in a while !! api If the structure of the function and program is visible enough. About 30 points can be eaten day by day. For example, fill in the arguments of the basic WinMain function or fill in the WinProc processing function arguments.

Functions in the message loop Functions of TranslateMessage (), DispatchMessage (), ShowWindow (), and so on.

I think basically I will do my best and I will know.

Game Programming Expert.JPG But the problem is that the score is low (2 ~ 4 points ... you have to guess all this). When you solve the problem as a whole, you will see the part related to direct. Even if you do not use the draws well, you can understand the intention by doing a little analysis of the source, and you can see similar sentences in the corresponding function and apply them to fit the situation. However, the person who solved the problem does not have many functions, so the name of the argument and the degree of processing of the argument are very effective if they are looked through through search or study.

The last issue is about 4 ~ 5 problems. The score is 8 ~ 9 points. It is not possible to do this because all the coding is completed and the direct interworking is done and the compilation is done, and it is not possible to do it because it is not necessary to try such a test to make all the coding perfect. I think it's better to do it.

I can not compile it because I can not run it anyway so I have to find the answer somehow in the source. Ask each of the stages or levels to draw a picture, so that you do not have to worry about the problem. Instead, check the txt document or picture file that stores the data, or the defined class or structure. Finally, the problem of adding a library comes out. I know the person who studied direct, but I do not know anyone who does not know. If you do not know, it would seem a bit scary to pick out the familiar folder in the direct folder.

The test environment is visual c ++ and direct sdk ... sdk is strange, the coding is written in direct 7, and the installation is done in 8. The problem of library addition is probably based on 7, so direct 7 sdk The test will be based on the standards.

The most obvious way to prepare for the exam is to make a 2d game using Direct 7 sdk and pass rate will be over 90% ^ ^

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