Play a total fight game

There is a lot of FPS format flash games, but not as much fun as online.

This flash is also a total fighting first person, but there is a disadvantage that it can not move the screen itself.

However, if you aim at the enemies that appear here and there, you can raise your score and your ability to shoot a lot of guns.

So let me write a game to play a total fight game. Have fun playing

The start button is located at the bottom center of the screen.

The first thing that comes up is the instructions that a terrorist took over a port.

Our mission is to remove them all. And that paper will disappear after 10 seconds.

However, you can remove it by pressing the army swat button. One caveat is

Do not kill non-enemy citizens.

When we started the game, we actually got the harbor background.

There are a lot of container boxes.

The enemies appear one by one. ㅋ You can quickly aim and fire the gun.

But if you shoot the citizens who have passed the street, the game will be over. Be careful. ㅎㅎ ㅎㅎ

So that they can do it at will.

You can not delay your time too much. Because they also have guns.

We can fire at random. If it is correct, the screen turns red for a while

The health gauge at the top left of the screen is subtracted slightly.

If you run out of physical strength or kill civilians

I'm finished with the total fighting game like above. I got 550 points.

Enter your name and press the submit button. It's also used to register scores

It is also a means to re-write the flash.

I do not have the replay button until I register my score.

After registering, please close the new window and come back here.

A Start button is created. If you want to challenge again, can you do it again? haha

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