FIFA consider canceling Qatar World Cup? Possibility of holding US and UK

The German press focus says that Saudi Arabia's sports minister Turki al-Sheikh was in danger of canceling the Qatar World Cup and raised the possibility of a tournament in the United States or England.

There are three reasons for the possibility of the Qatar World Cup being canceled. First, the situation in the Middle East is very bad. Saudi Arabia has been pressing Iran and Qatar economically and politically since 2016. Overlapping the issue of Saudi succession, the Islamic society is shaking internally and externally. US President Donald Trump and France's President Emmanuel Macron are acting as mediators for peace in the Middle East, but the Middle East is like a bomb that never opens.

Second is terrorism. Since the Middle East is home to IS, it can face massive terrorism during the World Cup. In this process, the danger of enormous human damage cannot be ignored.

Third is climate. Qatar is a hot and humid country that averages over 40 degrees. It could be up to 50 degrees in the sixth month of the World Cup. For this reason, FIFA has considered hosting the Winter World Cup, but the implementation of this is inevitable on schedule issues. Opposition may be met by foreign league officials.

If Qatar loses the right to host the World Cup, the United States, which was second in the 2022 World Cup bid, is likely to secure the right. The United States, with the experience of hosting the 1994 World Cup in the United States, is now co-hosting the World Cup with countries in North America such as Canada and Mexico.

Britain is also more potent than after. Although he failed in the first round of the 2018 World Cup bid, he had the experience of hosting the 1966 World Cup. It also has a solid infrastructure for hosting the World Cup.

Meanwhile, Gianni Infantino, chairman of the FIFA, said in a rumor that he was reviewing the selection of the 2022 World Cup venue.

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